I want to use my computer at the speed of thought. I want my mind to reach into the realm of files and websites and ssh servers and do things the way I am doing things with objects in the real world.

Here is the one thing that will make your setup instantly feel much more like water.

This setting changed my life. If I had discovered it later I would have wished I had discovered it earlier. I had it from one of Luke smith vim videos.

You put this in .xinitrc.

xset r rate 120 250

This controls how quickly you are repeating your key after holding it down.

The first specifies the delay before autorepeat starts and the second specifies the repeat rate.

If you use vim bindings j/k are now the way you can scroll. Oh yeaa. This feels sooo smooth - like water.

Once you get used to this going back will make your fingers feel like they're wading through molasses.

Start with

xset r rate 200 200

or something. You need to build up your ability to hit keys quickly. I needed to slowly increase the numbers for this.

Date: 2023-01-01 Sun 18:40

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