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Which Clojure Core Function are You?

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Which Clojure Core Function are You?


Since Chat-Gtp generating a certain kind of text is starting to be a solved problem.

I sort of liked what it had to say about what it means to be a fire bender in Avatar.

For some reason, I decided to make Clojure core function psychology puzzle, along the lines of What Clojure Function Are You? but also combine it with Avatar elements.

Avatar is cool

Is it just me or is there some Avatar The Last Airbender affinity in the Clojure ecosystem?

There is a database called Asami and Stuart Halloway is cosplaying as Aang somewhere.

Anyway, I dig Avatar myself, the whole world and the bending fit together very organically. Plus it sort of comes with thoughtfulness. And the bending, the choreography and the philosophy of it. Fire is anger but also life, it is about control. And with the highest control and focus you can lightning bend.

The bending choreography is amazing. Yes, I mean the choreography of the animated characters. It is inspired by Thai-Chi and other disciplines. Every element (fire, water, earth, air) has its style. It is one of the best magic systems I have encountered. The animations + sounds have a physical oomph. I almost feel like I know how it would be to bend. Water is fluent and dynamic, earth is solid and unmoving, fire is pure power, air is flying around and seeing the big picture.

Prompt engineering, Chat-Gpt makes a quiz

prompt 1

Help me make a quiz in the style of "Find out your harry potter house by answering those 6 psychological questions".

The quiz asks psychological questions that establish some personality traits of the user.

But we tell the user in the end which clojure.core function fits their personality.

Say one of those:

  • conj
  • reduce
  • juxt
  • swap!
  • into

We also map those with elements and bender power to Avatar the last airbender. For the bender psychological traits there are the elements and then there is another one for characters like Asami, who uses technology instead of bending.

Map the clojure core functions to avatar elements with a short description why.

prompt 1 end

I then kept asking a little, to get hiccup formatted data etc.


I went and made a scittle re-frame app.

Code and link to the quiz!.

Date: 2023-02-18 Sat 16:55

Email: Benjamin.Schwerdtner@gmail.com