This website features dreaming and lucid dreaming. I should have a dream diary here, too. To supplement with some content.

Sometimes I get ideas or new angles from dreams. But a lot of it is just pure fun for me. It also helps to get a grip on what my brain is up to. When I learn a new skill, that inevitably comes up in dreams. And it is through experiencing the skill in dreams that I gain a tacit feel for narrow, focused aspects of what performing the skill is about.

When I write a dream diary, I usually write in present tense, because this is how we write about stories also. Dream content is stories for me.

When I say I, I usually mean some first-person dream character. This can be a character walking around in a dream world, This can also be an onlooker like in a movie or a video game.

When I dream of computer usage or video games, the scenery of the dream is user-computer interaction abstractly. Usually, this means visuals and audio of the dream program and an abstract sense of user control. I don't dream of mice and keyboards.

When I practiced building a mind palace, I was using imagery and aesthetics I got from dreams as mind palace stuff - objects etc.

These are semi chronological with the most recent stuff on top.

I am a dude with some control over my dreams, there will be adult content.

Hydropower Toy mechanisms

Sort of documentary style. A huge big river damn.

There are 4-5 different kinds of huge, toy-like mechanisms that move from the top of the damn to the bottom. With water keeping little wheels etc. moving. Some look a little like the wheely turning parts of a wind measure device - called anemometer.

Waste Walkers

Fri Aug 25 2023


The surrounding dream is some mundane stuff. I am about to board a car full of old people. Later, I missed my ride. I meet my brother and some other random dude by singing Alein Alein. Our voices resonate and we find each other. Each alone, but then not anymore.

Either way, at some point in between there is a mage, she looks like Philipa from The Witcher. With a lot of extra feathers and jewelry.


Her: /this and that is like in computers… a waste walker /…

Me: Wow, I think from the beginning those were called garbage collection algorithms, but I find that so cute that you call those waste walkers! haha!

Then I go on to talk about how I find the early history of computing fascinating.

The early computer scientists discovered everything already…

Well yeah, in other words, there is not much progress.

This just made me think of the alternative universe nomenclature/dictionary we find in Neal Stephenson Anathem (2008). I just love this book. This linguistic trick of replacing words with alternative words - makes you realize something about the essence of the referent. To ponder alternative names for it.

Waste Walker my friends.

Fire and Flesh

Aug 2024

Movie style, we follow the character of a young man, maybe a knight.

Scene: sort of a Game Of Thrones castle corridor but later basically a supermarket aisle. But doesn't matter.

Knight walks down the corridor and looks at his arm. He is sort of infected. It started as a red streak and then became darker. There is a mage - more or less Mel from ASOIAF. She cursed the dude and controls him through the curse now. There is some dialog. She takes his arm and the streak now grows into a nice awful disgusting insect flame parasite demon thing. It's a bit of a mix of a scorpion and a centipede1, it's long and nimble with pincers at the front and a dart at the rear end. And it sort of crawls out of the arm and moves its head in the air.

Nice horrific aesthetics - burning, inflammation, fire, blood, infectious possession, parasite, insect-alien, demon, poison thing.

And the concept that she controls this animal demon parasite inside the knight – so disgusting, so intriguing. I love it.

Then the night decides to test if she is as powerful as she claims, maybe she underestimated his leftover agency. He pulls out a sword. The next thing is that she is on the floor, he strikes with a little jump, full weight, pointy end of the sword at her heart. The sword glows and burns there is a little explosion, red, orange, sort of flame force fields blasting outwards. This is her security spell triggering, she sort of vanishes in the explosion. Being re-spawned at a place she deems safe, no doubt.

I get the impression the spell is a one-time setup thing, a non-stacking, consumable thing. She likely has to cast that again at some cost.

The knight's sword blade burned or blasted away, but he still had the handle in his hands. As he stands up, the audience sees his whole face is blasted off, too. So we look at a human skull amidst a few flames now.

By some magic or another, this doesn't kill him though. He just lost a huge chunk of his life now. The demon parasite has no appearance anymore as I wake up at this point.

I smile and think, What a sick dream, nice dark fantasy aesthetics. Turn around and sleep another round.


Figure 1: I tried to get this out of text-to-image generators but they have programming layers so you cannot make horror content. At least this is a skeleton dude with flames. But the knight of my dream had a different vibe. He just lost being a regular human being, forever cursed with a half-life existence.

I like chat-gpt analyzing my dream: The author seems to have a rich visual imagination, as indicated by the vivid and detailed descriptions, and they seem to relish in the grotesque, drawing pleasure from the fusion of horror and fantasy elements.

I love open places, solar punk, and golden, clean cities flying in the sky. Full of libraries and people laughing and looking at the sky. With water, clouds, flowers, and little magical technological spells and machines flying around.

But my imagination is a muscle, I want to stretch it in different directions. To not use disgusting and grotesque imagery from time to time when doing mind-palace means you are missing out on tapping into mysteriousness and deep intrigue.

A temple

Tue Aug 1 2023


I become lucid, ignore the current dream and say. Let's fly into space.

Then the stars. The scene morphs, it is a deep night with heavy rain. I fly through a complex of buildings. High, blue-white walls, clean and solid. The night is thick like a blanket on the scene. I fly into a spacious room, similar to a university lecture hall with stone steps, and stone walls like a church but from a high-tech civ. The walls are smooth and thin - I know via the implicit logic of the dream. This is a temple built by space elves.

I go to the front where there is an altar. There is a candle on the altar. In a childish lust for destruction, I grab it and throw it on the floor.

I try to challenge the dream, or the god in the dream, to do something about it. I invoke the mental concept of a higher being - god. But nothing happens, this time.

I go through a door behind the altar, I am in some spacious altar room. Everything is heavy with a water theme. As if the walls are made from glass and it is pouring and dark night outside.

There are sort of quadratic wells of dark water on the floor with mosaics in between.

I look at the patterns. It looks like this:

+--------+> +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
| +    + |  | +    + |  | .......|  | .......|
|  +  +  |  |  +  +  |  |  ...   |  |  ...   |
|   ++   |  |   ++   |  |    ... |  |    ... |
+--------+  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+

Eh… close enough (^_^)

I think, oh what garbage those matrixes come up with. I accidentally tacitly assume my dream is generated by a generative ANN AI!

I turn to the end of this temple's back room and there are yoga mats and candles arranged on the floor.

I know where all that water came from. It's raining like never before where I live here in Germany since days.

Those yoga mats are so my subconscious telling me to relax more!

In waking life, I wonder. The generative AIs, also the LLMs, come across like they must be sort of the same kind of substance as what the brain is doing. These things come across like the substance of what minds are built out of. I think soon we will build a little architecture around that and voila, the cake is done.

The Quicksilver Cosmos: A Dream of Stellar Education

Sun Jul 30 2023

In space. Documentary style.

Narrator: … and so you can imagine taking some mercury of volume such and such and spreading it in an ever thinner line… And at some point, it would split into the elements such and such.

At this point, there are some visuals like a digital mind map style thing you might expect from a modern web presentation thingy.

The distance such stretched is then such and such, and a star that is exactly this far away from us is called the quicksilver something something.

And there are/really/ cool visuals that look roughly like some Hubble images like this one:


Figure 2: NGC 6357, a cluster of clusters of young stars, with x-rays shown in purple.

I remember wondering as a child that if you cut a piece of cheese further and further and further, does it become a liquid? And if you cut it further does it become other elements?

What a shame I did not ask any adults. Something is wrong with the education system. These questions should be nurtured - education should be about the curiosity of children. Not about some pieces of knowledge - but the processes of making knowledge.

A magic duel with a maelstrom

Thu Jul 20 2023

There is a witch and I challenge her for a duel. She laughs and is very convinced she is more powerful than me.


Figure 3: Jennifer of Vengeberg Lightning Power witch wallpaper epic. Turns out that when you ask Stable Diffusion for a picture of Yennefer of Vengeberg you get piles of male fantasy AI witches. Well, generative AI is a mirror to our minds. In this case, the mirror was amplifying my fantasy in some places.

She shoots lighting, I make magic defense shields.

I do meta magic, which I am very proud of. Make magic spells that make magic spells. Spells that are like computer programs. And spells that quickly, Darwinistically grow into spell-making creatures, and shoot their magic bolts.

As the level of abstraction rises in the magic duel, the scenery changes and eventually, the visual is just a sky in a storm. The witch isn't there anymore but eventually, she is sort of the storm around me. This then becomes a maelstrom with yellow lighting - that looks more drawn than physically real.

I get sucked into the vortex, which funnels smaller and smaller. There is a hole with a dark blue, deep and clear sky. I feel if I would get sucked in, I would lose the duel so I try to fight. Not by fighting but by concentrating in a loose meditative way on flying outwards, not inwards into the vortex.

It works a bit but then I get sucked anyway again. I try to wake myself up and for a short moment have a false awaking dream content. I think, well fuck it, I lost that duel. How bad can it be?

I sort off go through a portal that is again round like the vortex hole. Then I have another episode entirely involving that witch which makes me smile and think dreams are fun!

Loosing is fine. How else can you find the edges of your abilities but go to where the challenges lie?

Heart Pulse video game

Jul 2023

I dream of a video game where a glowing ball with a trail flies from left to right. This is completely 2D. On the x axis there is time and on the y axis there is my heart pulse.

Say 60, 50 etc. There is a continuous sound that is pitched higher with a higher pulse. The = y-axis is layered like a cake and colorful. Low is green, but very low is orange. Higher is more yellow, orange and then red.

You also get little animations when the ball flies between regions of the color cake. There is also lighting like fine lines. When you cross you get little points for flying and or bling sounds.

I try to concentrate on making the pulse go lower or higher. I go high and everything is about danger and high performance for a short while. I go low and the pitch becomes that of some pipe organs' lowest keys.

I get scared for a moment and think, wow 14 is dangerously low.

This dream came from me looking at my smart watch heartbeat meeter the last couple of weeks and trying to manipulate my pulse by will.

This dream game was well designed and would be amazing to play - A recurring theme when I dream of video games.

You could make the little player ball have the visuals of a little furry, ball animal. With magic furry glowing animal creatures flying around and making tiny lovely blingy and purring sounds.

AI toy

Jul 2023

In my dream, the first-person main character is a small child. I use telekinesis to make a glowing ball thing fly to my hand. It is a toy. Golden yellow glowing, bee kind of thing the size of a fist. Feary-like with antennae with golden spheres on their end. It is flying around in some anti-gravity fashion, very high-tech.

This toy has an AGI computer chip and it was made to educate the young person investigating with it. It was made to make the user understand how to build intelligence in a computer.

I ask it How do you work? and it answers with something along the lines of This is what you are supposed to figure out. It is programmed in a way where you cannot just ask it like this. But you need to ask the right questions, do experiments etc.

In waking life, I wonder - even if we had such a toy that would want us to understand its intelligence. What are the questions we want to ask?

And of course, the toy is a metaphor for nature, for we can ask nature by speaking the language of experiment and observation.

Prompting a dream


A month or something after I started using chat-GPT (so early 2023), I became lucid in a dream and dreamt of prompt engineering. Instead of doing one of the usual tricks like opening a door and saying There will be x landscape behind the door. I put my dream hands in front of my eyes and sort prompt the dream the way I would the llms.

One prompts chat-GPT through a chat interface, and the inscrutable pattern-matching machine comes back like a myriad mirror of imaginary thought stuff.

In my dream, there was no chat interface. The interface was direct thought-to-thought. There was no prompt, just the machinery of mind that I use that would usually come up with a prompt. There was an abstract prompter and an abstract prompted machine. The inscrutable pattern-matching machine was "the dream", or those parts of the brain making the dream.

This, of course, is just the content of the dream. It doesn't need to mean much about the actual workings of my brain.

Still, it was quite salient to dream about making a prompt in the abstract, then the rest of the brain coming up with some storyline-fitting dream content. The cool thing about this dream was the experience of "prompt engineering" in a pure form (a common feature when it comes to dreaming about a skill).

One funny thing about prompt engineering. After making more experiences, I noticed the best way to get something out of these models is to be super straightforward. The same as with good code, if your prompt is large, you don't use the tools you have correctly.

So I was able to throw away completely what I was thinking in those early days about how to prompt. The model is not a plant that needs growing, the model is a mirror of ice that you ask straightforwardly for sharp edges. And if the request becomes too large, consider throwing away what you want do to and figure out some other piece or representation of your problem where you can communicate usefully with the model.

3D and fireballs

2018 - 2023

I made it a goal and challenge to shoot fireballs in a dream and I can count the few dreams over years where I "only" got sort of something working.

Some were with anime visuals, basically drawn fire like Avatar, The Last Airbender. This was not completely satisfying to me yet. Another one was when I achieved setting dream furniture on fire by magical willpower in a "physically" convincing way.

Then, I spend like 2 weeks getting into blender, made a nice donought.

And I start thinking in vertexes. This was one of the biggest perspective-building tool usage experiences I ever had.

So I walk around experiencing the squishiness of objects in the world with a different eye and feel. How I would build this with 3D tech.

Each cubie of my Rubik's cube now has 8 vertices in my mind. I can count 9 times to 5 by walking the vertices of one face with an extra vertex in the middle of each cubie face. To count to 100 I can walk the front face, which is green, then the right face, which is red, and then go for 2 cubies to the back, which is blue.

Alternatively, I count every vertex twice and do the front face + 1 cubie on the right.

To count further I go left, orange, then up, white and finally bottom, yellow. Then I would have counted 6 x 9 x 5, which I never needed. Sometimes I start with yellow - just for fun. Or I zoom in further and imagine the vertexes made up of patterns of 3|3 or 4-star sub vertexes. Sometimes I imagine them as edges in a light pattern at the bottom of the ocean because I enjoy the flair and mystique of it.


I become lucid and think let's fly into space. I fly into the sky, and the visuals change to some video game-like screen full of different hues of blue and green blue.

I sort of jump into the lowest part of the screen, as if I could choose which player to play on the screen and I chose the bottom. Now I control a first-person video game character.

The visuals are like a 3D scene of a cave, sort of underwater but also in space. Very pastel cyan, blue, and green.

Then I think, oh I should try to make fireballs and shoot them. I shoot these plasma blobs and I swear my newly gained blender mind can render them as these gooey blobs and color them sort of orange glowing. (The lighting still mixed this with blue).

So I shoot those gooey plasma balls with my hands, throwing without throwing but letting them shoot out with force or magic will. Like I would expect it to work in a video game. They target hone into objects, and stones in the video game cave and make them fall apart with cute animations.

Afterward, I think yes I am satisfied with how I achieved the challenge..



Btw centipedes are arthropods, split away earlier from the evolution on which insects sit and also from spiders, which is the branch that scorpions are on.

Centipedes have their front legs evolved to venom-injecting pincers. They are carnivorous and predate invertebrates and even vertebrates. Some produce defense venom secretions. The largest species going to 30 cm. Those things hunt lizards, frogs, birds, mice and even bats, catching them mid-flight. (from Wikipedia).

They are hard-core alien night hunters, crawling quickly and nimble with those legs in the dark. Piercing their prey with venom. The females care for the eggs - cute!

One interesting piece of info I did not know is that they are labeled K-selected and live multiple years.

So these things are highly evolved nightmare predators. And so cute when they raise their offspring. Something to be proud of as inhabitants of the earth. Maybe we will want to breed a warrior class of them in our domination of the galaxy at some point.

Date: 2023-07-16 Sun 20:14

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