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My first screencast of programming Clojure.


Have you ever thought, I just want to flip a coin? You might have landed on a few bloated websites filled with commercial bullshit.

I thought this is a good chance to make a video while I program something.


Thanks to Mr. Oleh Krehel aka abo-abo. This package is truly magnificent and a big part of my Emacs feel and power.

Keep in mind that Lispy has a steep learning curve. Comparable to vim-bindings coming from non-modal editing. The payoff is a world of editing s-exp at the speed of thought. It is raw power.

Being able to modify lisp, interleaved with evaling it, is a profound and mind-expanding experience. It is the real deal of feeling and knowing the competence of the computer.

  • lispy
  • see Meow for my config, I have interleaved the two.


After using Evil for years, the desire in me grew to use something more bare bones. What pushed me over the edge was realizing that evil-search was a second implementation of what isearch, a truly magnificent library, already covers.

I think Evil is great and maybe also the place to start, because there is a lot of lore for Vim beginners, intermediates and masters.

Meow shares with Vim modal editing. It too is uncompromisingly built for power users.

Meow is like a pair of skates that allow you to ride the Emacs builtins.

This design is reified in the keypad concept, which allows you to run default Emacs bindings. Using the leader-key paradigm, which we got from Spacemacs and indisputably a great idea.


My init-meow.el, polished and being polished to my taste and needs.


Lisp (and Smalltalk, I suppose) are a profound discovery of humanity. In a way, I believe the power of Emacs is just the power of Lisp, molded into a tool for thinking and computer usage.

The first time started Stumpwm and went through the Getting Started, I immediately had the feeling in my bones this is my wm.

Basically in the second paragraph, they say how to open Emacs :).

I REPL into Stumpwm with sly and build a few of my own window management commands.

Like emacs, maximal in its capability and minimal in its presentation. It lets me get everything else out of the way so I can focus on emacs.

Defining commands that optionally call through to Emacs gives me a new level of fluidity making the system feel like made of water and out of one whole. The only thing better than that is having EXWM, but this comes with its own tradeoffs. With Stumpwm I enjoy a truly solid and trustworthy x client implementation.

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Date: 2023-04-24 Mon 08:25

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