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Clojure is a modern, functional lisp with a fiercely convinced community and production orientation.


I highly recommend Maria.Cloud, you can just go there and start coding. This is great for anybody that does not know yet x

A dev environment

Get prepared for your journey as a pilot of an alien spaceship. As a beginner I suggest either

Vs Code

Easy to make work. A great editor. You will not need to be ashamed of your choice. calva for vscode


Strong affinity to hacker culture and a program that is more than a tool, but eventually an extension to your hands, heart, and mind.

Here is a config file I tried to make for beginners: https://github.com/benjamin-asdf/simple-easy-emacs

A framework by clojurians that might be just right for you: https://github.com/corgi-emacs/corgi

There is also doom and spacemacs that enjoy wide appraisal for their "out of the box" experience.

Nr 1 book for beginners


Meet nice people that are excited about the tech on slack. Seriously a lot of people hang there and answer beginner questions, everybody is welcome.

Other such lists

Carin is cool and has a funny picture of the emacs learning curve here: https://howistart.org/posts/clojure/1/

I like that they have a philosophy section mentioning Rich Hickey's talks this matters a lot to clojurians.

https://thoughtbot.com/blog/tips-for-clojure-beginners https://gist.github.com/yogthos/be323be0361c589570a6da4ccc85f58f https://www.clojurenewbieguide.com/

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