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This is a small list of recources for getting into Clojure, for an intro into why I believe Clojure is powerful check: The Joy Of Clojure.


Clojure is a modern, functional lisp with a fiercely convinced community and production orientation.


I highly recommend Maria.Cloud, you can just go there and start coding. This is great for anybody that does not know yet x

Clojure is different

If you try to do the same things in Clojure that you know from Javascript or Python, this will not work. Embrace Clojure is different. You should not be a vegan searching for good cheese. Use an avocado instead.

A dev environment

Get prepared for your journey as a pilot of an alien spaceship. As a beginner I suggest either

Vs Code

Easy to make work. A great editor. You will not need to be ashamed of your choice. calva for vscode


Strong affinity to hacker culture and a program that is more than a tool, but eventually an extension to your hands, heart, and mind.

Here is a config file I tried to make for beginners: https://github.com/benjamin-asdf/simple-easy-emacs

A framework by clojurians that might be just right for you: https://github.com/corgi-emacs/corgi

There is also doom and spacemacs that enjoy wide appraisal for their "out of the box" experience.

Nr 1 book for beginners


Meet nice people that are excited about the tech on slack. Seriously a lot of people hang there and answer beginner questions, everybody is welcome.

Other such lists

Carin is cool and has a funny picture of the emacs learning curve here: https://howistart.org/posts/clojure/1/

I like that they have a philosophy section mentioning Rich Hickey's talks this matters a lot to clojurians.

https://thoughtbot.com/blog/tips-for-clojure-beginners https://gist.github.com/yogthos/be323be0361c589570a6da4ccc85f58f https://www.clojurenewbieguide.com/

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