Benjamin Schwerdtner

Clojure Programmer, Contractor, Artisan, Crafter

Dreaming big, I want to build great software and have a real impact.


Preaching and practicing interactive programming. I don't believe in any set of limitations. Clojure combines the wisdom of the ancient hackers, who discovered Lisp, with real-world tradeoffs and practicalities. The REPL, Emacs and Clojure together with functional, bottom-up, data oriented programming allow me to deliver more robust systems more quickly.

Did I mention I love the Joy of Clojure?


Thoughtfulness. Careful design. Empathy for your users and the next programmer alike. I try to share your vision of your product. I understand that technology is used by humans and built by humans.

I am constantly learning and improving my understanding of what makes a good tool. I believe software that works well is beautiful.


Genuine interest in science and technology. Real goals for humantity. I give you a discount when I believe your project contributes to human flourishing. I don't accept buggy software and want to rid the world of it. I have FOSS bias because it leads to more useful, focused tools and it it aligns more strongly with my values.


Scientist at heart. I challenge my assumptions and go where the evidence leads me. Code is a series of best guesses. Imagination and note-taking are powerful tools of the mind. I am not ashamed of using anything to help me understand a problem. I speak up when I see anything amiss and document limitations with the software I produce.

🪙Track Record


Clojure(script)🗲, Emacs Lisp, Linux, shell, Babashka, Python, Javascript, Typescript, Golang, HTML, CSS, Git, Datomic postgres, AWS, graphql, docker, linode, REPL, datastructures and algorithms, logic programming, functional programming. 5 years C#. Made .Net MsBuild targets work in Anger on Linux and MacOs. I know enough of distrubuted systems to be paranoid.

I believe understanding the problem and the Art of keeping complex things simple are the most important aspect of programming.

The Plan