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Living and breathing Clojure and functional programming. Striving for a deep understanding of the philosophy of Clojure and Lisp. I have a particular focus on Clojure, Linux and Emacs. Experienced with unity, situated applications, CI scripts, tooling, and making open-source contributions. Fluent in English and German. Committed to delivering solid information systems and understanding the problem, iterating on the ideas, and communicating effectively as a programmer.

  • 2023-Present: Clojure Contractor
  • 2018-2023: Fulltime programmer at Singularity Group
  • 2014-2018: Studied biology at the University of Hohenheim (discontinued)
  • 2013-2014: Studied cognitive science at the University of Osnabrueck (discontinued)


  • 5 years experience in the software industry
  • Linux, AWS, .Net, Clojure + a variety of technologies and languages
  • Developed a mobile game with C# / Unity
    • UI, game logic, first experiences with shaders / GPU programming, Facebook integration, REST
    • Static code analysis (Roslyn), .Net live coding tool (Roslyn, Cecil)
    • Mentored junior team members
    • Occasionally worked with Postgress, DynamoDB, Golang and Typescript server side
  • DevOps, CI, Gitlab, AWS
    • docker, Linux containers
    • Configuration as code; Anything not in source control is waste.
  • Developer productivity, scripting
    • Committed to a smooth dev setup. For me and my team.
    • Linux shell, bash, babashka
    • Intellij plugin (Kotlin, Clojure)
  • Tools: git, Emacs, rider, vim, Jira
  • 3-4 years Lisp: Emacs Lisp, scripting, tools where ever I had the chance.
  • 1-2 years Clojure: discord bot and internal tools
    • Datomic cloud, AWS EC2
    • Tests and property-based testing
    • Repl into production for record speed bug fixes
    • AWS lambda with holy lambda and nbb
  • Website https://faster-than-light-memes.xyz/
  • Frontend:
  • Open source contributions to babashka, clj-kondo, nbb, cider, Emacs packages, etc.
  • Strong base knowledge of all major topics of biology and neuroscience
    • molecular biology lab experience, zoology, botany, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, etc.
  • Self-taught
    • I learned to love textbooks. Some manuals have the same spirit.
    • A hard work ethic that allows me to spend hours learning.
    • Classic Rich Hickey talks, podcasts, Eric Normand, SICP, Paul Graham, etc.


Interests: Alternative programming paradigms, relational programming, chemical computing, conversational interfaces

Availability: Available for remote work. CET.

Location: Forst (Lausitz), Germany.

Languages: English: fluent, German: mother tongue. Latin: rudimentary

Recommendations: From my former colleague Milan: LinkedIn Recommendations

Date: 2023-01-02 Mon 11:50

Email: Benjamin.Schwerdtner@gmail.com